Friday, 22 February 2008


Another bookmark. Hmm, should it be book mark as below or is bookmark acceptable?
More to the point does the Hostel of St. Luke still exist?
I had no idea that the clergy got to have their own nursing homes. This fascinates me.
I'm easily fascinated.
So, what's the deal with this?
Why did these letters end up written, so boldly on a piece of paper, and why did they merit folding and keeping?
Was it a really tough round in Scrabble?
It's not visible here, but the corner has been torn off too, what was written there? Or did they just tear it off to dispose of some chewing gum?
I have a lot of questions.
Can you tell?

Bookmarks & Festivals

There are always bookmarks to be found in books. Funny that. It's the variety of them that does interest me. I'm beginning to accrue quite a collection. I just discovered this one and I quite like it...
This makes me wonder if, thirty years later, children's festivals have changed at all, because I somehow suspect that they haven't. Some things just aren't meant to evolve.
My imagination starts to run with this one too, where are the family that went to this now? Where is the child that performed? What did they grow up to become?
Everything has a story to tell.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

P & O

Things like this make me curious.
Where was she when she ordered her French coffee?
Where was she going?
Was the sun shining?
Was she seasick?
What did the cabin look like?
Did she have a porthole?

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sudden Death

I love old newspaper clippings and I see a fair few and it really shows how things change. His wife has no name, just 'widow'.
I can't imagine every single funeral goer being named like this today. Maybe it does still happen and I haven't noticed, but I can't imagine a journalist standing there, at a funeral demanding names - and in some cases relation to the dead.

Monday, 18 February 2008


It feels not unlike peeking inside someone's diary. What caused them to make this list and what then made them think it would be a suitable bookmark?

Or were they hiding it inside the book?
I'd love to know the story behind this, but I'll live with the mystery.

Sunday, 17 February 2008


I see a lot of old books, I love trawling second hand bookshops, or going to little village hall booksales.

I love all the things that you can find inside these books. You sit at home, flick through your purchase and surprises fall from within, like extra gifts.

They always make me smile, and when the following fell from the pages of a book I was browsing through I decided I should share the little things that I find, because I find it intriguing.

So, this four leaved clover fell from the pages today and it seemed like a perfect place to start. One can never have too much good luck.