Thursday, 24 April 2008


I love these. I want to have all of my little containers have these stickers on.
I'm not sure when they date back to, but they're just deliciously retro, and cool again. At least they're cool in my world.
Apart from the sultanas, currants and raisins. I hate dried fruit. I'd rather they had one that had chocolate on.
And as for semolina. Without wanting to sound fussy, that stuff's just nasty! But the stickers are cute!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Useful & Informative

See now, I like what they did here...
It's a bookmark AND it's educational. Excellent work!
And not only that it's about Lincolnshire. Mostly. And I love Lincolnshire I do!
Although according to the quiz, my knowledge of the area is somewhat lacking... but with this bookmark I can improve that!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Things That Matter

I wonder if this person couldn't think of anything that matters or if there were just so many that they couldn't make them fit on this piece of paper.
How big would the piece of paper have to be to fit everything on that mattered?

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Employment Order - 1942

As I've mentioned before I'm easily fascinated, and this is just fabulous.
I love how economical this little letter is.
One piece of paper, not even A4 size and it has all the information, room for the address and return address, all you have to do is fold it in the opposite way and it goes straight back in the mail.
I wonder if she got into trouble for never returning it?
The fact that the fairer sex also get a stamp to indicate that's just what we are when we return our information just stuns me. Again, it's a different world, just decades ago.
It's nice how they have a stamp made up to let you know you're not being "called up" too. That's thoughtful. And damn scary! Imagine that being a concern, sometimes I forget how lucky I am.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Postcard - 1947

I love this postcard, despite the fact that I can't actually read it.
It's a little hard to imagine change having been effected so quickly that postcards were being sent just a few year after the end of the war. I think I always felt that it would take so much longer for things to return to normal. Obviously that's not the case, I just could never imagine someone sending postcards following such a brutal time.
I actually, despite tales from my Grandma, can barely imagine what the world must have been like all those years ago.
It doesn't matter how many books you read, you can't put yourselves in the shoes of the people living then.

Pride & Prejudice

This is just weird right?
Who not only addresses an envelope to a fictional character, but goes as far as to actually attach a stamp too?
I wish I could remember the book I found this in, but sadly that's fallen through one of the holes in my swiss cheese memory.
I mean, I love Pride & Prejudice, I do. Every woman dreams of her own Mr Darcy, but I was never driven to want to write to Lydia.
I really, really wish that the letter they'd written, or intended to write was still inside the envelope!