Monday, 10 November 2008

The Book of Kells

This postcard dates back to 1962, when they were still telling us to post early for Christmas.
It's good to know that some things really do never change.
I'm only sorry I can't see any more of the date, I suspect they start using that stamp somewhere around midsummer though.

I may need some help with the translation on the postcard though.
So far I have:
Congratulations on
your fellowship
19.12.62 (oooh that answers the date question)
No reply called for; ..........
you so much for your
......... .........
(for your what? I need to know! For your bungee jump? For your justifiable homicide? What?!)

A number of people have commented that the photo function on this lovely Blogger isn't playing ball and I'm inclined to agree as it's done weird things to these pics, and I can't make it play ball.
Mean blogger.