Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mr Gilbert

That's a bill right? But what is it for?
A selection of something?
Where is it from?
I always remember them doing their 1's like that in France.
But is the word 'Fonia' French? Je ne sais pas!
Ah, maybe it's just the mystery that I like, or the fact that I can create a mystery around such an innocuous piece of paper.

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Minnie said...

Hello, er, F (can't bring myself to use the full nickname: can you really see yourself as 'a foul fiend from hell'?! Well, I can't/won't - the blog says otherwise, anyway).

Enlarging the note + peering at it, I think 'fonia' is in fact an abbreviation of 'formule'. So it's likely to be a waiter's slip, showing what was consumed at a particular table - ie 6 séléctions (du jour?), 6 blah ... etc. And one cheapskate (er, frugal or hard-up) diner, who went for the all-included 'prix fixe' option.