Thursday, 2 April 2009

Lunch Time

Okay, so I realise that my imagination is wholly willing to go off on flights of fancy at the merest provocation, but really I just want to know what these notes are. I want to know who the Baron is.
Or maybe I'd just like to know a Baron.
That would actually be quite cool. "Hi, this is my friend The Baron". Which makes me come over all Maria from The Sound of Music. There was a Baron in that wasn't there? As well as all the nuns of course.
And, are the ninth floor only allowed lunch on a Monday and Tuesday?
That first person under the Guest part has a really long name. Were his/her parents just really indecisive?
Oh and why did some people get crossed off? Were they bad and starved?
I have so many questions, always so many questions.
And so few answers.


Mark said...

Have a look at


(Word Verification "stosi" a less well known secret police force.)

Flibbertigibbet said...

That's totally cool!
It's even better when there's a real story behind it and real people to be found on wikipedia!
Too brilliant! :)