Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Life and Death

I actually think that's really lovely. I can see why they decided to save it.
I might not believe in God, but the sentiment doesn't require you to. The idea of life continuing on in nature is something that has always appealed to me. There is something about the renewing nature of spring, especially in those plants that appear to have died and gone, but which come back fresh and strong. I think mint is one of my favourites, such a wonderful smell and new potatoes just aren't right without a few sprigs of mint!
I admit it. I find these Agony Aunt columns a little entertaining. Sometimes what's on the back of a clipping is just as interesting to me as what was meant to be saved.
This is great because it gives me the mundane mystery I enjoy so much.
"Should I tell the truth?" Ooh about what? Other than an illegitimate son of ten, I can't guess what her problem might be!
And the seventeen year old who has finally really fallen in love. I wonder how long that lasted? Oh how cynical I am. I do hope they didn't get married so soon though!

Saturday, 2 May 2009


These are my mothers favourite birds. Maybe I should give her the bookmark instead of hoarding it in my collection of things found in books.
They are pretty birds though.

I bought her a stuffed one once.
Not a stuffed Avocet, a stuffed toy Avocet.
A real stuffed Avocet would have been gross, I like my animals living and breathing, not stuffed with.... with what? What are they stuffed with?
Well whatever it is it's not blood and essential organs.